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MRDcom is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai. MRDcom is a high-tech enterprise committed to the development of industrial products and industrial solutions. The products and systems solutions of its internationally renowned brand MRD™ Meridian® are widely used in different industries, such as Industrial Control, Road、Bridge and Tunnel,

Rail Transportation, Electricity, Aviation and Navigation, Coal Mine, Petrochemical and Military Communications. As one of the largest suppliers of industrial strength communication devices, MRDcom provides development, manufacture, sale and maintenance for products and all kinds of industrial solutions, including Industrial Media Converters, Industrial Ethernet Switches, Radio frequency products, Industrial Ethernet PON, Industrial Multi-Service Platform and Industrial Network Storage.

Being an ISO9001 certified company, MRDcom takes “Quality/Achievement/Legend” as the Enterprise Mission, adheres to “Professional/Advanced/Customer first” as the Operation principle, and is devoted to be the “Industrial IT Expert” of each customer.

MRDcom has strong technical strength. Headquarter in shanghai has more than 500 professional technicians committed to development and innovation for products. In addition, our company invests 30% of total sales for the construction and maintenance of the R&D team every year. At the same time, headquarter also has a huge reliability testing department with more than 200 professional engineers to ensure the first-class product quality of MRD™ Meridian® products. As the “Industrial IT Expert”, our company has set up 3 major technical service centers, 9 major technology support platforms and 32 technology service outlets in China to provide customers with a full range of quick response services.

MRDcom owns the most advanced multi-core real-time platform and has registered many patents such as MRDRing+™, MRDRing™. MRDcom also introduces many advanced technologies such as MPLS and IEEE1588 into industrial products and solutions which make the products and solutions of MRD™ Meridian® with extremely high market competitiveness and make MRD™ Meridian® the First-Brand of IIoT in China.

Enterprise Culture


The First-Brand of IIoT in China

● Established in the operator access, electricity, transportation, security, military and other industries. Based on scientific and technological innovation. Constantly meet customer needs, guide and continually exceed customer requirements.
● Enhance our own brand image and improve pride of enterprise among employees.
● Promote the development and the healthy growth of the industry we are in.
● Focus on corporate social responsibility, serve attentively and benefit society.


Apply various advanced technology and devote to be the “industrial IT experts” of each customer.

● Focus on the development and manufacture of industrial and military products.
● Adhere to “Quality/Achievement/Legend” as the product quality concept.
● Pay attention to the different needs of different customers to make our products and services integrate into the work and production links of customers well.


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