Product Center

  • APL2000 Entry-level OLT

    4 OLT ports+2 Gigabit SFP slots+2 Gigabit combo ports+2 Gigabit TX ports

  • APL3000 Control Room OLT

    4 OLT ports+4 Gigabit SFP slots+4 Gigabit TX ports

  • APL3600 Control Room OLT

    PL3600 control room OLT devices are the core part of passive optical network. APL3600

  • APL4000 High-density Modular OLT

    48 PON ports and 4 10G uplink ports

  • APL5000 High-density Modular OLT

    96 PON Ports and 8 10G Up-link Ports

  • APL7000 High-density Modular OLT

    128 GEPON ports or 32 10G EPON ports